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Hong Kong Outdoor & Sports Expo XSUPER X Access

Hong Kong people who usually travel everywhere are forced to stay in the local area for entertainment due to the epidemic.However, Hong Kong people have not been depressed by this, but have developed more local possibilities and increased the development of local outdoor activities.As a result, the Hong Kong Outdoor Goods & Sports Expo has been produced for three consecutive days, including exhibitors of fitness, yoga, camping, hiking, climbing, marathon, cycling and water sports equipment.

SuperX, which was once a sports brand leader and is now reborn strongly, and Accapi, which is extraordinarily powerful, also took advantage of the momentum, with a gorgeous, simple and bright grand stage, with the T-shaped stage as the center, allowing the audience to see the products displayed by SuperX and Accapi at a glance, without any sense of urgency, leisurely and close to our products, and also equipped with two large TVs on both sides, showing the past achievements of SuperX and Accapi and the introduction of product technology.In the center of the venue, there are also a number of cylindrical bag layouts of collective childhood memories of the post-80s and 90s, which closely catches the eyes of passing visitors and attracts young people to check in and shoot, which is very eye-catching.

In addition, SuperX and Accapi not only displayed and sold their products for three consecutive days of the Expo, but also invited a number of Hong Kong sports professionals to visit the venue.We are honored to invite digital guests such as Hong Kong mountaineer Mr. Tsang Zicheng, President of the Hong Kong Live Hockey Association, members of the Executive Committee and Hong Kong players, Super X CEO and a number of Hong Kong athletes in just three days, to share with us the positive stories and bitter experiences behind them at this important moment, all of which let us understand the indomitable spirit of the interviewees in the sports industry, and the blood and sweat behind them, all recorded in between our venue visits.

Among the interviewees were Mandy Hui, a full-time housewife turned teacher of difficult yoga, who shared her journey to the path of yoga, as well as the inspiration and changes it brought to her.In addition, Ben, CEO of SuperX, shared with us the reasons for the rebirth of the SuperX brand and talked about the new elements of Super X.He also introduced the Super X Alive concept store located in the trendy Central Market, and revealed the future of Super in advance.On the same day, I also had the opportunity to visit Maggie, Senior Vice President of VR/AR, to share her achievements in the industry and clarify the misunderstanding of e-sports and VR and AR.

On the next day, we were also honoured to invite Mr. Kwong Kwok-kin, JP, President of the Hong Kong Live Wood Ball Association, to introduce live wood ball to the public, share how to promote live wood ball and nurture talents in Hong Kong, and talk about how live wood ball is gradually sprouting in Hong Kong, and Executive Committee members Mr Chung Chun Kei (Secretariat and Venue Development) and Mr Ha Cheuk Kin (Elite Training) shared the difficulties encountered in conducting this sport and how to reach out to potential and promote it in schools, and train them. There is also a mention of how to focus on development in the future.Finally, Mr. Lam Chi-ho and Ms. Chan Chi Ying (representatives of the Hong Kong live wood team at the Asian Beach Games) shared their experience of participating in the open competition, explained the way the sport is conducted, and shared the misunderstanding of ordinary people about the sport, and then explained.

On the third day of the expo, we invited Vicky Internet celebrity, who has been turned PT fitness trainer from a female artist to talk about her past weight loss experience, talk about how to improve students' body shape, and share the positive concepts brought by fitness.He also invited Mr. John, a well-known mountaineer in Hong Kong who has led people with disabilities to climb Mount Everest, to detail the mountains he has conquered, share the most difficult and unforgettable experiences of mountaineering, explain how to overcome these difficulties, and share the concept of why he began to help others create achievements.It also mentions how SuperX and Accapi helped him succeed during his journey, detailing our origins.Then he invited Blaze, an online media editor who reduced from 78kg to 45kg, to share his injury experience, talking about the experience of needing to use a wheelchair after being injured after sports, and how to lose weight and slowly fall in love with the rich experience of doing sports during the recovery process.


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