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Committed to promote functional fashion and energy fashion with trending elements

since established in 1995, SUPER X Committed to promote functional fashion and energy fashion with trending elements. SUPER X Combine the above three elements to form a unique local fashion brand. Its clothing is even more popular in Asia because of basketball craze.

SUPER X devoted years of unremitting efforts to pursue excellence in design and fashion technology. SUPER X its brands ACCAPI , has undergone thousand of research and development on textile fibers and weaving in Italian laboratories, among which the SUPER BALANCE Balancing technology, has achieved medical results and established SUPER X unique position in fashion technology. SUPER BALANCE The principle of balance technology is to coordinate the negative ions and positive ions on the body through the fibers and fabrics on the clothing. Thus, the wearer can maintain balance during the entire exercise process or daily life, so as to improve the performance of sports and daily activities.

In 2021, SUPER X Re-development of the business in the local retail market and launched a series of SUPER BALANCE Balance technology products.

The collection included SUPER X ALIVE series, MADE IN HK series and YOGAXTRA series. SUPER X Looking forward to bringing revolutionary trends with new age energy fashion.



Fresh Start

Learn about balancing technology

Balance your energy

Fresh Start

local design brand SUPER X announced a new launch of a clothing and accessories series in 2021. SUPER BALANCE Balance technology was developed in SUPER X 's brand - ACCAPI Italian laboratory. ACCAPI is the manufacture of professional sports and fashion technology clothing. SUPER X specially launched this series of fashions collection aiming to popularize the balance technology and integrates 3 main elements: Functional, trend and energy FASHION-TECH

Made in Hong Kong
The bucket hats collection are designed by in-house designers and carefully crafted by local craftman using SUPER BALANCE balancing technology. Different patterns or colors are used in the design and the bucket hats can be worn on both sides with different styles. The bucket hat is made of Japanese imported lining, which support the hat shape and highlights the look.

SUPER X Yoga Series
Not limited to sports or daily wear. We specially used skin-friendly yet super-elastic fabrics in the selection of materials, and the choice of colors are fresh and bright to express the wearer's vitality. Every piece of yoga product has applied with SUPER BALANCE balance technology. It helps to improve our balance during yoga or exercise. SUPER BALANCE Technology are especially beneficial for beginners in yoga.

SUPER X Central Concept store

Hong Kong's Local Sentiment

SUPER X opened its concept store in Hong Kong's first revitalized market with a history of 80 years - Central Market. The store design is based on the theme of street culture, with white and silver metal as the main concept. The elements include a combination of hangers made of stadium barbed wire, a neon signboard with a retro Hong Kong vibe, and a brand skateboard stool. SUPER X concept store in Central has a VR game area to provide customers with the latest and most fashionable shopping experience.