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ERROR "Love Is Born" MV x SUPER X Drum Bag

ERROR The recently released "Love Is Born" MV is not only sweet lyrics, but also has a more retro-style picture, and even many details are placed at ease, making Hong Kong people's collective memories emerge in a hurry! The MV filming is located in the West Kowloon Center, Sham Shui Po. Since 1994, the West Kowloon Center has been filled with various restaurants. Whether it is Japanese and Korean snacks, or local Hong Kong cuisine, there are also countless choices in the center. There are different fashion stores and checkered shops, which makes the memories of the 90s more realistic. The MV uses the game area, elevator, and classic ice skating rink as the background, and the toy capsule vending machine at the back make it more vintage, reminding Hong Kong people of the classic check in hotspot.


What cannot be ignored are the various small details that sublime the visual effect of the entire MV, Nokia and Sony mobile phones are also a must have item for boys and girls in the 2000s; there are young people favorite's book -  YES ! magazine. the topics and activities of the magazine at that time would also become hot topics at the time, such as the discussion forum on the Internet now; and the Digimon is also a must-have device for boys, and it is very popular with boys;


And the last thing I have to mention is the SUPER X Duffle bag, by Fatboy@ERROR with the new sportswear in a sideways way, it is like taking the audience back to the past with a time machine, so that the costumes of the past era can be reproduced on the screen. The sports brand SUPER X classic duffle bag, which was once popular in the 2000s, was the trend label of the year. Many people must have a duffle bag in their homes. In addition to using it when going to school or exercise, also use it as a daily bag. In those days, when you go out at any time, wear the same bag with someone. Even everyone has a different color , just like a seven-color team.


Now the 90s generation has been grown up, sometimes growth needs to look forward, but sometimes it is necessary to reminisce about the past to make greater progress. I wonder if you will remember that era and the memories of SUPER X? SUPER X did not stop at your memories, but moved forward together with Hong Kong people. Although it faded out of the fashion circle in the past and turned to focus on the research and development of sports technology and patented clothing technology, SUPER X has reborn at last year. Alive's new collections, and then re-create street fashion clothing, also bring the sports science patent technology that has been researched in the past to the new clothes. As a Hong Kong local brand, we retain the local culture, and at the same time we keep innovation, and create a new duffle bag, which is still full of capacity and attractive in appearance. Both the classic duffle bag and the new type of duffle bag are also available in online stores and retail stores.





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