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N008 ACCAPI Kids Eye Mask

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ACCAPI FIR is a fibre that was developed by harnessing infrared energy emissions in the 4-14μm range

Product utility
- Relieves eye fatigue and nourishes the skin around the eyes
- Rejuvenates the eye area for fresh and comfortable eyes and bright eyes
- Regulate dry eyes, improve dark circles, red lines
- Relieve headaches, help sleep, block light and let the eyes rest
- Relieves dry eyes
- Soothe sensitive eyes
- Release eyestrain
- Improve eyestrain
- Reduce blue light damage

<< Suitable for >>
- Suitable for all those who use computers for a long time
- People who often read books/TV/mobile phones, play computer games, and play online games

Best time to use
- 6 - 8 hours sleep time
- 30 minutes wear break after 2 hours of computer work
- Take a 30-minute break after looking at the TV, mobile phone and computer screen for a long time, after reading a book, and after using your eyes too much
- Wear during rest and sleep on long-haul flights

Innovative materials from Italy 
Hand Made In Hong Kong

Titanium , Platinum , Aluminum

How to use
- Adjust the eye mask strap for the most comfortable fit
- Wear during 6-8 hours of sleep

Washing Method
- Warm water and soap can be used, and can be air-dried, sun-dried or hot air-dried
- Do not bake at high temperature, do not use bleach or softeners

- A large amount of eye gel in the first three days of wearing is an improvement reaction
- If the eyes are itchy and the eyes are watery for three consecutive days, stop using it immediately
For hygiene reasons, once the order has been paid, no return or exchange of merchandise will be accepted.
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