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by Accapi

NN326 ACCAPI 遠紅外線背腰部護具

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<< 歐盟一級醫療認證 >>
Accapi意大利腰封是榮獲一級歐盟醫療認証運動穿戴用具,測試及研究証實,獨有ACCAPI FIR遠紅外線技術,能持續穩定釋放4-14pu遠紅外線, 加速傷患的修復。有效減少甚至消除痛楚,一般情況穿戴30Min就能見效。



<<Verification of CE Compliance Medical Device Class I >>
ACCAPI FIR is a fibre that was developed by harnessing infrared energy emissions in the 4-14μm range: it accelerates intra- and extra- cellular biochemical processes, the inflow of essential nutrients and the elimination of toxins. This enables the ACCAPI FIR fibre to increase muscle oxygenation, optimise thermoregulation and thermogenesis processes, speed up recovery, favour the expulsion of toxins in metabolic waste and combat bad smells thanks to its bacteriostatic activity. Specific research into the characteristics and properties of this fibre have acknowledged its effectiveness on the entire cycle of human activity: from day-to-day to sport activities.

<< Description >>
ACCAPI FIR Back Support produces a consistent Far Infra-red Ray emission over back area providing comfort or localized temporary relief of minor aches and pains from muscle soreness/ stiffness. Perfect for long or short trip or anyone suffering from regular back discomfort.

<< Origin >>

<< Composition >>
54% Polyester / 39% Cotton / 7% Elastane

<< Size - Waist circumference >>
XS/S : 60 - 80 cm
M/L : 80 - 100 cm
XL/XXL : 100 - 120 cm

<< Washing Method >>
Routine program with maximum washing temperature of 30°C
Do not bleach
Spread and dry
Can not be turned and dried
No ironing
Do not dry clean