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SX Mask and Super X Masks and Fashion

Masks and fashion SX Mask and Super X

The world's popular items are 𣊬 changeable, because of the emergence of smart phones, mobile phone cases are popular, the market is full of all kinds of mobile phone cases, functional, beautiful, are any choice.Just like a little girl changing clothes for her beloved Barbie doll, I believe you and I don't have more than one phone case at home, right?Not a necessity, but a small item that will make you feel good and attractive! As the epidemic continues, masks are promoted to a daily epidemic necessity , And a variety of masks and our clothes and mobile phone cases are different, under the premise of aesthetics must have the condition of functionality, masks without sufficient protection make it meaningless, all consumers also need to choose high-quality protective masks for their own people.

and SUPER X Known as a sports brand, we focus not only on the surface of the trendy style, but also on the quality and performance of the products.With health as the general direction, and there was a serious shortage of masks at the beginning of the epidemic in Hong Kong, we successively launched reusable masks and disposable masks SuperX Mask to solve the urgent needs of Hong Kong citizens.


Reuse masks

SUPER X It has always paid attention to public health, and even though it has not been active in the market for decades, it has been committed to research and development of how to raise the number of clothing substances again.So far, our reusable masks have been sublimated to weave into patented nano-wearable health technology, so that the masks are equipped with micron far-infrared protection, and the materials are made of Italian R&D materials, and the production and processing are made in our local factory.We launched ACCAPI FAR-INFRARED ENERGY MASK Have 12 Color selection, material has 14 Micron far infrared, so exclusive 5 Protective benefits, including natural antibacterial, deodorant, keep the breathing ducts warm and moist, wear to keep breathing smoothly, extremely light and soft workmanship, and materials suitable for eczema and sensitive skin.And we Super X Dry Fit Adult reusable masks and Super X Coolmax Adult reusable masks, selected and breathable cloth functional materials, thin and lightweight, for the summer to bring a fresh breathable zero-burden mask experience, suitable for daily life use.The two models not only have patterns and color options, but also adult versions are available in inches, as well as children's and middle-aged models, which can be said to be suitable for men and women, young and old.Considering that reusable masks are not as protective as ordinary disposable masks, we have an inner layer with a sandwich space, and you can add a special filter chip to make the protection more comprehensive.The filter can effectively block particles such as fine dust, pollen and fly.Different from traditional disposable masks, we use a comfortable hanging ear design, avoid glasses fogging, and can extend the use of surgical masks, the soft elastic material and veneer design on the design make the sense of beauty and trend rise, special materials greatly reduce the long-term wearing of masks caused by odor, rich in high air permeability, help breathing smoothly.


Disposable masks

And when the epidemic is getting more and more intense, maybe disposable masks will give you more confidence, while SUPER X Of course, the mask landscape is more than reusable masks.exist 2020 year SUPERX Dust-free spaces were purposely set up in Hong Kong [ ISO 14644-1 CLASS 8 ] , committed to production in line with the highest grades in the United States and the European Union LEVEL 3 of disposable masks.And the styles we produce are close 40 There are only different patterns and colors, including New Year's Edition, Christmas Limited and Cartoon Series.If you don't want to stock up often or just want to buy for a week / A month's serving, we go up 50 Tablets or wholesale sale down to 2 Sheets, also in four branches ( They are located in Hung Hom store , Central store , Central Market Shop , Yuen Long store ) On sale.Our disposable masks are strictly certified in particulate filtration efficiency ( Particle Filtration Efficiency PFE ), bacterial filtration efficiency ( Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE ), virus filtration efficiency ( Virus Filtration Efficiency VFE All up to 99%, As ASTM Level 3 Level 3 high protection certification.The color system used in our masks is not only close to the trend, but also has a unique charm.There is a popular earth color in recent years, and the earl grey milk tea color , After wearing, the gentle fragrance sets off the endless gentle and elegant temperament.Camouflage series, bring on to enhance the street atmosphere, suitable for you who often have outdoor activities, in recent years popular camping activities are very coordinated.


 Super X and Super X Mask The business is different, but the philosophy is similar Interlocking.It is expected to increase the reliance of Hong Kong citizens on local productions and make matching easier.


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