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SUPER X Fashion Show - Hong Kong Outdoor & Sports Expo

After three days of talented visits, the last day of SUPER X and Accapi's participation in the expo location was even more the highlight of the mini fashion show, which integrated SUPER X and Accapi's clothing, integrating sports and fashion into a new attitude of life, and also raising the appearance and function of clothes to the highest peak, and introducing a series of young daily and casual items for SuperX.

The fashion show was divided into three parts, first for Accapi's various collections, including Health Power, Accapi Pro, Polar Bear, Diamond and Bodyguard, which were displayed by models from all over the world to attract the attention of the audience, and then SUPER X and Accapi's sportswear matching, adding fashion elements sportswear, so that sports elements into daily life clothing. It can be easily worn at work or in daily life.A series of brightly colored styles will not be overly monotonous or exaggerated, but have a sense of spiritual vitality, and the all-black shape will not be overly boring, but also have a bit of noble elegance and mature charm.The final part of the finale SUPER X recently launched a new sportswear collection on the market, which attracts everyone with its classic cylinder bag style, plus a newly designed cylinder bag belt to the public, and uses popular colors to match the newly launched upper and lower clothing accessories, and make people dizzy with classic and innovative innovations.Various vests, sports suits, sweatshirts and different clothing items such as fisherman's hats and backpacks have also been introduced to ensure that they are available SUPER X Once again, the products are integrated into life.

During the three-day exhibition between SuperX and Accapi, positive stories were visited to bring the venue to life, and then sportswear fusion fashion was put on the stage, bringing health into life as an attitude.In addition to continuing to share Accapi functional sportswear, this event exhibition will be more than that SUPER X It once again attracted the eyes of Hong Kong people and took this opportunity to promote the new Rebirth series of products. SUPER X This year, we will once again explore the young market, embark on trendy culture again, combine with the precious childhood memories of Hong Kong people, and integrate innovative thinking to create a new generation and new attitude to life SUPER X Create another classic in the sports world.




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