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Twins "Love in a Bottle" X SUPER X

Recently, ERROR, known as the Cosmic Sky Group, brought SUPER X products to the music MV , but I don't know that ERROR is no longer the first red explosion group to put SUPER X into the music MV.Remembering that in the 00s, the hottest Chinese girl group in the two sides of the strait and three places- Twins 's love is also in the bottle MV 𥚃 There is also a figure of SUPER X.The Twins, which are extremely popular, can be said to be a big group in Hong Kong, two young and lively girls not only successfully diversified in film and television songs, but also shine brighter, bringing a lot of vitality and vitality to contemporary Hong Kong people.The Twins' record in the first year of their debut was sold out on the day of their release, and has swept many newcomer and group awards at major music awards, and their second Cantonese EP "Love as a Bottle" is even more in the MV of the first title song "Love as a Bottle" Super X of advertising songs.

The smash hit Twins "Love in the Bottle" not only still walks in an active and positive style, but also vividly plays the concept of Super X vitality and health, and the lyrics also activate a positive spirit, and the lyrics and background music are interconnected, so that the listener can't help but erect "In the field of battle, I believe: /No intensity."   no victory /No courage    no victory/No confidence no victory/No faith   no victory/No pain   no victory/No struggle   no victory/No sacrifice no victory       」。Although the song is old, the lyrics can still be substituted and brought deeper understanding not only in various major events in life, or in the world events we face at the moment.The whole music 𥚃, interspersed with the lyrics is the courage and belief towards the goal of victory.

And this song uses a basketball game as the background to portray the blood of the crush, the impulse for love when young, just like the player's enthusiasm for victory on the basketball court. MV middle Twins Wear up SuperX Full body sportswear, and a bunch of young dancer , the spirit of using the sweatshirt as a dance suit, like a cheerleader, is more in line with the whole theme.Even throughout MV Basketballs with different effects are also made of SUPER X provided.And since the release of the song, it has happened to be 20 years, believe that young people's aggressive character is enduring; And now you may be washed away by the years, and the day of the group is not vigorously developing in Hong Kong, and this kind of memories only stop at the collective memories of our Hong Kong people.but SUPER X is a local brand in Hong Kong, Not to be satisfied with your memories, in this 20 I was fortunate to be here again in the future Youtube   Shanghai and Hong Kong people, and the new era has a new beginning, we no longer only pay attention to sports beauty, but also in sports health to rest assured, in the new series of sports science patent technology, so that each product beautiful and functional.


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